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Economy: European Gas Market

Iranian LNG for Europe - Reality or Pipe Dream?

Hopes, Talks and no Results

Artikelbild für den Artikel Iranian LNG for Europe - Reality or Pipe Dream? Artikelbild: Iranian LNG for Europe - Reality or Pipe Dream?

Since my very earliest days in LNG, I lived with the specter of Iranian LNG. Iran was always one of the potentially emerging LNG superpowers. Well - sort of at least.

From 1972, when the first LNG project concept was dreamt up until this very day, not one single drop of LNG has been produced on Iranian soil nor has one been consumed. No other country on earth has consistently shown incredible…

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Poltics: A new debate

Energy as Part of Hybrid Warfare

The “integrated use” of military and non-military measures

Artikelbild für den Artikel Energy as Part of Hybrid Warfare Artikelbild: Energy as Part of Hybrid Warfare

The events surrounding Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea have given prominence to a term that until then was only known in specialist circles: hybrid warfare. By overtly and covertly employing military and paramilitary forces, supplying separatist groups, staging cyber attacks and waging a massive propaganda campaign, Russia provided a textbook example of how non-traditional warfare can be…

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Economy: Energy and Geopolitics

Why energy leaders need to read Cicero

A broader toolkit for the next generation

Artikelbild für den Artikel Why energy leaders need to read Cicero Artikelbild: Why energy leaders need to read Cicero

The breakneck pace of change in the energy sector is creating a challenge for energy leaders not only in its scope but its speed. As technologies unlock new resource opportunities and redefine relationships between producers and consumers, geopolitical events are posing new supply threats and difficult policy and investment decisions, all against a backdrop of the growing need for action on…

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Poltics: E3+3 talks in Vienna

The Elephant in the Room

The broader geopolitical agenda in the Vienna talks

Artikelbild für den Artikel The Elephant in the Room Artikelbild: The Elephant in the Room

As negotiations in Vienna have ended, delegates from Iran and the E3+3 have settled on an extension of their talks in the absence of a comprehensive agreement. Both sides were still separated by several outstanding issues, including the scope of Iran’s enrichment capacity, the nature of sanctions relief, and the timeline of the deal. Addressing these technical matters, negotiators have so far…

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Economy: Hopes and Illusions

The impact of US oil exports …

… is being greatly exaggerated

Artikelbild für den Artikel The impact of US oil exports … Artikelbild: The impact of US oil exports …

What would allowing U.S. crude oil exports do to the global price of oil? Tom Friedman, in a column Sunday, reflects popular conventional wisdom when he says they’d do a lot:

“The necessary impactful thing that America should do at home now is for the president and Congress to lift our self-imposed ban on U.S. oil exports, which would significantly dent the global high price of crude oil…. If the…

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Poltics: Annotation from Brussels

NATO and Energy Security

Today’s Debate: From Fiction to Fact

Artikelbild für den Artikel NATO and Energy Security Artikelbild: NATO and Energy Security

The Ukraine crisis, with its obvious energy dimensions, has also raised the question as to NATO’s role in energy security. According to the pundits, that role is either dangerously big or dangerously small. The past weeks have offered instructive examples of both views. On 21 August the German TV magazine “Monitor” broadcast a report that linked the Ukraine crisis to an alleged NATO strategy of…

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Economy: Sino-russian relations

Don't Panic!

Russia’s Energy Pivot to Asia and European Energy Security

Artikelbild für den Artikel Don't Panic! Artikelbild: Don't Panic!

After almost a decade of haggling, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping signed an agreement on Russian gas supplies to China in late May. The contracts stipulates Russia’s obligation to supply 38 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas annually for 30 years through the planned Power of Siberia pipeline, starting 2018 from the Eastern Siberian Kovykhta and Chayanda gas…

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Economy: OP-ED

Let the market decide about investments

The EU should strengthen energy markets, not bureaucracies

Artikelbild für den Artikel Let the market decide about investments Artikelbild: Let the market decide about investments

Shortly before Easter, the European Commission presented a roadmap for its climate and energy policies up to 2030. It did so for the right reasons, stating that energy investors “need certainty and reduced regulatory risk”. I agree, wholeheartedly. The energy industry needs a transparent, rule-based and non-discriminatory policy framework, where investment decisions are taken by market players,…

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Henry Kissinger,„World Order“, August 2014